Feature film for children. About friendship, school, trouble with the adult world, Italian bisquits and the adventures of a living, magic ball who can love and hate, who at times is sweet as honey but next moment can start a fierce fighting, and who can act like a jealous idiot. The adults of course don’t believe that something like a ‘living ball’ can exist. What a childish idea! But at the end, when the adults finally understand that the magic living Ball is a reality, they want to firstly have it and secondly of course control it…

This charming filmed fairy tale opened the prestigious childrens film section at the Berlin Filmfestival in 1999 and subsequently was released in many territories and broadcasted around the world.

A Belgian-German-Dutch Coproduktion, Director Dany Deprez, DP Piotr Kukla, starring Hilde Van Mieghem, Michael Paz, Julien Schoenarts, Rijk De Gooyer