2 x 90 Min Miniseries for Carlton TV, London.

Based on the novel by Gerald Seymour, the two-part British miniseries starred John Thaw as Joshua Mantle, a solicitor’s clerk pressed into duty by British intelligence. It is Joshua’s job to find out why otherwise level-headed Intelligence officer Tracy Barnes (Zara Turner) suddenly, and without warning, attacked East German politician Dieter Krause (Hartmut Becker). Unfortunately, Joshua’s superior officer Giles Fleming (Colin Baker) ambivalently balks at providing information vital to the investigation. Ultimately, Joshua teams up with Tracy herself to solve a mystery involving the dreaded East German secret police organization Stasi, a ten-year-old murder, and a far-reaching diplomatic coverup.

B&T Films performed line production services in Berlin and at the Baltic coast.

Director Stuart Orme, Screenplay Patrick Harbinson.