On January 20th, 1942, fifteen of Adolf Hitler’s most important right-hand men, lead by SS General Reinhardt Heydrich, gathered together for a special meeting in Berlin-Wannsee, in which over the course of about ninety minutes they debated Hitler’s latest directive and the best way to implement it.

By the time these 15 political, econmical and military leaders of Germany left the meeting, they had laid the practical groundwork for the “Final Solution,” with the execution of every Jewish person in Europe as their goal. A transcript of the meeting has survived, and that document provided the basis for the screenplay for this movie, which – in real time – dramatizes the meeting of this group of high ranking German officials that led to the greatest crime of the 20th century: The Holocaust.

B&T Films performed production service and line production for the shoot in Berlin for HBO. Director Frank Pierson, Screenplay Loring Mandel, DP Stephen Goldblatt, starring Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci, Colin Firth, David Threlfall, u.a.

2003 Bafta TV Award Best single Drama
Outstanding Directorial Achievement, Frank Pierson, 2002 Directors Guild of America
Outstanding Lead Actor, Kenneth Branagh, 2001 Emmy Awards Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Loring Mandel, 2001 Emmy Award
Best performance in a supporting role, Stanley Tucci, 2002 Golden Globe
Best Screenplay, Loring Mandel, 2002 Writers Guild of America

2 AFI Award Nominations 2002, Movie of the year
1 Bafta Award 2003, Best Actor
8 Emmy 2001 nominations
2 Golden 2002 Globe nominations
3 2002 Satellite Awards