In LAST MINUT three completely different characters meet and for some hours their fate depend on each other. Cleaning woman HEIKE lives an unhappy married life and daydreams of tanned young men on Spanish island Mallorca. Since twenty years Heike clears away other people’s dirt at Berlin Airport and this morning she doesn’t really fancy to work in newcomer NINA, a twenty year old with some criminal record. Nina, who has just learned that she is pregnant. It is quite clear for her that she doesn’t want a child now.

When Heike starts working Nina in to her new and unwanted job the two women discover a darkhaired, tall man in handcuffs, hidden in the storeroom. The foreigner KAWA speaks little German. He has escaped from custody pending deportation and claims to be threatened by torture if being deported to Turkey. While Nina tends to believe him, Heike sees him being a criminal – or maybe even a terrorist who needs to be turned in to the police. But what if Kawa does tell the truth? Distrust and suspicion between the three characters in the cleaner’s storeroom at the Airport slowly turns into curiosity…

A co-production with RBB, MDR, SWF, Script and Director Marina Caba Rall,

Debut award, 12. Feminale Cologne 2004
Feature film Award, Bi-nationales Filmfestival Durban (RSA) 2004
Best new Director Award, 2. Skip City International D-Cinema Saitama (Japan) 2005
Lower Saxony female media award Juliane-Bartel 2005