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May 19th 20:15 arte TV

September 29th 23:30 ARD

Int. market release: Cannes 2015
Adaptation of the novel by Karen Duve

Directed by Kerstin Ahlrichs, Co-production with Schubert International Filmproduktion, Zinnober Film, Cine plus Film, supported by WDR and arte. World Sales Apollo Media

25th Filmkunstfestival Schwerin, Germany, Audience award, best movie.

Lead cast:

A rough love comedy about the 80′s: All you need is love, being cool & crazy, loud music, punk, drugs, sex.


25 year old ALEX doesn’t have a clue in mid 80s Hamburg what to make of her life and becomes a taxi driver. The sound of the 80s is hard, pubs are dark and loud, everyone’s first priority is to be cool. People smoke all the time. And not just cigarettes. There is a lot of sex too, and people constantly argue about anything and everything, especially about relationships. Which Alex prefers to keep quiet about. She wants freedom and love. She enters a relationship with DIETRICH. Sex is okay, but it’s far from being love. She meets US ex-pat MARC, a little person full of dignity and inner strength and sleeps with him too. And this time, it is more than just sex. The rest is struggles with her mother, other men and her passengers – the indifferent and the doomed, brutes as well as other nuisances. This sort of life could go on and on and Alex could carry on and drive away from her own life at the wheel of her cab. And in doing so lose Marc and not getting rid of Dietrich. Wouldn’t there be a small monkey with the same invincible desire for freedom as hers.