Feature film for children, 2021, Production Service / Line Produiction for Zischlermann Film (D), Amour Fou (Lux), Turnus Film (CH), Phanta Films (NL), shot in Luxembourg

Release: 2022

Leni Deschner, Luc Schiltz, Fabienne Elaine Hollwege

Script: Ruth Olshan und Heike
Director: Ruth Olshan

Meeri Ehrlich, 13 years old has three problems. First: She is in love – with the wrong person – and has butterflies in her tummy. Second: Her mother passed away and she misses her a lot. Third: her father – owner of a funeral home – is looking for a new partner. But Meeri has something that is only hers, something very special – she can fly – when she is in love.